Maximise the efficiency of your central heating with our power flush service.

From cold areas on your radiators to a noisy boiler, our power flush service will fix these problems and improve the efficiency of your central heating system.

Improve efficiency
Extend boiler life
Reduce energy bills
Quieter boiler
Hotter radiators
Faster heating
Power flush service coverage: Fleet, Farnborough, Farnham, Aldershot and surrounding areas.
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Power flush service

Your high quality power flush can improve the efficiency of your heating system by up to 40% reducing your energy bills and extending your boilers lifespan. Your newly flushed radiators will heat faster and reach higher temperatures with minimal effort and your whole system will run quieter decreasing your boiler noise and eliminating vibrating pipes.

Boiler repair benefits
Efficient heating system
Reduce energy bills
Extend boiler lifespan
Faster heating
Higher temperatures
Reduce boiler noise
Eliminate vibration
Smooth running system
Do I need a power flush?

If you’ve noticed any of the below issues or your system is over 5 years old than you will benefit from a power flush.

Radiators need frequent bleeding
Radiators slow to warm up
Boiler making a noise
Radiator cold spots
Pump making a noise
Some radiators cold
Main features of our power flush service

One of our qualified engineers will carry out the power flush to completely restore the circulation of water around your central heating system. Our power flush machine will pump high velocity/low pressure water and chemicals around your system to remove sludge, rust and debris, we will also isolate each radiator and individually power flush to maximise the efficiency of your system.

Restore circulation of water
Remove sludge
Clear rust and debris
Isolate radiators
Radiator flush
Faster heating

We pride ourselves on quality customer service

Gas Safe Registered

As Gas Safe registered you can be assured in the knowledge that all of our work will be carried out to the highest safety standards with aftercare and support.

Gas safe registered engineers
Clear and transparent pricing
Appointments at times that suit you
FloRise aftercare support
Trusted by 100's of local customers
Customer satisfaction guarantee

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